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Inclusive Website Design – Everything You Should Know

Modern society is trying its best to eradicate all discrimination and ensure equality for all. While it is important to give due rights to everyone and not make them feel less than anyone in the physical world, ensuring the same standards in the online world is also essential. Not all websites are designed while prioritizingContinue reading “Inclusive Website Design – Everything You Should Know”

Homepage Designs And Anomalies You Should Know [Infographic]

The website designs and trends keep changing, at it is very important to follow the trends. One of the most important designs is the home page (or homepage) design; the home page plays a significant role in the first impression of the user. The user reaching your website must have a good impression, so theyContinue reading “Homepage Designs And Anomalies You Should Know [Infographic]”

Top 10 Latest Web Design Trends for 2020 – and Beyond

‘Change is constant.’ However, when it comes to website designing, the trends seem to change rapidly. What was hot in 2019, might be redundant in 2020! Thus it is vital to stay up to date with the hottest trends in the online industry, especially website design.  Just following a trend blindly is a rookie mistake.Continue reading “Top 10 Latest Web Design Trends for 2020 – and Beyond”