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Homepage Designs And Anomalies You Should Know [Infographic]

The website designs and trends keep changing, at it is very important to follow the trends. One of the most important designs is the home page (or homepage) design; the home page plays a significant role in the first impression of the user. The user reaching your website must have a good impression, so they stay on your website for longer.

To keep the user intact, you have to keep yourself updated with website design anomalies and changes. If you want to add more value to your website design, hire the web design Dubai based services. And ensure that the people making designs for your websites are highly professional and experienced. Such web designs will improve your website traffic by improving the user experience.

Homepage Designs And Anomalies You Should Know
Homepage Design Infographic

What information to provide on the home page?

Your homepage must contain a bit of information about all the web pages. It must give the first-time visitor a clear view of who you are and what do you provide. While adding this necessary information, make sure you do not overdo your home page.

Top 6 Reasons for Having a Homepage

A home page (or homepage) is one of the most important pages of a website, and that is why upon clicking the logo, it takes you to the home page. Below are some benefits of having a home page for all kinds of websites.

  • Web user guidance
  • Describes your whole website
  • Navigates users to other pages
  • Increased signup’s
  • Building trust
  • Increased conversion rates

Top 10 Homepage Design Tips You Should Know

The design of any website matters greatly in improving the user experience. And upon clicking your website link, a user is always directed to the home page. Your home page needs to have an attractive design that is good enough to keep the user intact. The trends for home page designs keep changing, and one must follow the trends.

Below are some of the tips and changes you need to bring to your home page.

  1. Add CTA’s
  2. Your product description
  3. Keep changing the design
  4. Avoid complexity
  5. Use illustrations and graphics
  6. Use contrasting and mute colors
  7. Avoid too many sliders
  8. Appropriate white spaces
  9. Add a background video
  10. Add social media handles

Final thoughts!

Your homepage is your identity, and you must make sure that everything on your homepage is attractive and perfect. The design of it must be updated and maintained to keep the flow of website traffic.

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