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HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed Error – A Comprehensive Guide [Infographic]

Websites are the main link between the website owners and their users. Especially in the case of online business, having an efficient and smooth running website is critical to win the favor of the target audience. However, sometimes issues like the HTTP 405 method not allowed error, and other types of error codes, limit the access of users to the website.

In such cases, the users instantly close the website and move on to some other, which might be of your competitors. So, do not take the risk and ensure that your website is free of all such errors and issues. Regular site maintenance is a critical step to ensure this.

However, if you lack the technical skills and expertise, you should not waste time while experimenting and trying to improve your skills. Hire the service of website maintenance Dubai-based companies and get monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance plans to ensure your website is in the best condition around the year. Contact the experts now and ensure the quality performance of your website and user experience.

Http 405 Method Not Allowed Error - All You Need To Know

What is an HTTP 405 Error?

HTTP 405 error is the response status code that denotes:

  • Request is received
  • Request is recognized
  • The request is denied because the used method is not allowed

Common Phrases Representing HTTP 405 Error

An HTTP 405 error can appear in a number of ways across varied servers. Some of these common representation phrases are:

  • 405 Method Not Allowed
  • 405 Not Allowed
  • Method Not Allowed
  • HTTP 405 Error
  • HTTP Error 405 – Method Not Allowed
  • HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed
  • Error: 405 Method Not Allowed
  • 405 – HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed
  • HTTP Status 405 – HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL

Top 8 Tips to Fix HTTP 405 Error

HTTP 405 error can interrupt the users from visiting the site and add to their frustration. You can follow these tips to fix the error and ensure quality service to the users.

  1. Check the URL
  2. Rollback recent upgrades
  3. Uninstall new extensions
  4. Uninstall new plugins
  5. Double-check database changes
  6. Check the configuration files for the webserver
  7. Check the application logs
  8. Debug application code or scripts

Final Word!

Check your website against HTTP 405 and other errors to provide hassle-free, smooth access to the website to your users.


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