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Technical SEO Audit Checklist Beginners Should Follow

Technical SEO Audit Checklist Beginners Should Follow

Search engine optimization is an important need and requirement of the business, non-business organizations, any type of website, and ecommerce sites that want to stay on top of the search engine result pages. Staying on top of the SERPs boosts their chances of being clicked and earns more site traffic, further improving their popularity. However, taking care of technical SEO is critical to achieve all of that.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO means optimizing the website to the point that the search engines can crawl and index it without any issue. Technical SEO focuses more on the technical aspects and infrastructure of the website instead of the content. Even if your site follows on-page SEO and off-page SEO, leaving out technical SEO will not bring a positive result. A Technical SEO audit can help you identify the points that need your attention.

Dig deeper into this article to explore the technical SEO audit checklist beginners should follow to ensure proper optimization of their website.

Top 8 Checkpoints to Follow in Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO audit helps the website owners identify all the issues and points limiting the higher ranking of the site. It also highlights the point in which the website is performing efficiently. The new website owners or beginners are often not much aware of technical SEO details, so following a perfectly curated audit checklist helps them identify the strengths and weaknesses of their site.

Here are the top checkpoints you should follow and mark in the technical SEO audit.

1) Check Content Visibility

Content does not directly fall in the domain of technical SEO; however, it is the basic and most important ranking factor. So, it is always a better choice to start your technical SEO audit by checking the visibility of content. Most website owners, not aware of the details, contact SEO services company in Dubai and ensure their homepages, category, and products pages are visible to the search engine too, in addition to human users.

2) Ensure Indexation of Pages

The next checkpoint you need to mark in technical SEO is ensuring the indexation of pages. If your website is rich in content and has multiple pages, the search engine should be able to index all pages. You can simply check this by searching “” on Google, and you will get a list of your webpages that are indexed. You can check and fix others.

3) Optimize Site Speed

Optimizing the site speed is one of the most critical technical SEO audit checkpoints you need to mark essentially. Nobody likes to wait for ten or more seconds for a website to load. Moreover, the search engines also favor the sites that lad faster. So, to ensure better ranking and technical SEO of your site, ensure that your website take no more than three seconds to load.

4) Check and Fix Suspicious Backlinks

Suspicious and spammy links on a website convey the message to search engines that the content is not of high quality and is not endorsed and supported by credible websites. So, the ranking of that website falls. If you want to avoid it, you need to follow and mark the checkpoint of identifying the suspicious backlinks on your website and fix them.

5) Fix Security Issues

The next important checkpoint in a technical SEO audit is fixing the security issues of your website.  You need to check your website for deceptive pages, malware, as well as harmful downloads. If the search engines find any security issues with your site, it can hurt your credibility and ranking. So, fix all the security issues of your website.

6) Find and Fix Duplicate Content

Duplicate content on your website is a serious threat to the authority of the primary URL and your rankings. So, to avoid poor ranking, you need to follow a critical checkpoint of technical SEO audit and fix the duplicate content on your website. Make sure all the content is rich and original to achieve higher rankings. One way to cope with the duplicate content scenario is to use canonical tags across the domains.

7) Develop Useful Links

Another important checkpoint in technical SEO audit is developing useful links. Including a perfectly planned internal link structure on your website will boost its ranking. If you are not aware of the technical details, you can hire an SEO service company in Dubai and let the experts perform a technical SEO audit and take care of all the major and minor details to boost the ranking of your website.

8) Ensure Mobile Optimization

The last point you need to checkmark in a technical SEO audit is ensuring mobile optimization. With mobile phones becoming more common, search engines also favor and prefer websites that are optimized for mobile searches. So, take care of this point in order to ensure proper technical SEO of your website.

Follow the technical SEO audit checklist and achieve a better ranking!

On-page and off-page SEO are important; however, your website cannot achieve better rankings without technical SEO. So, follow the audit checklist to optimize it. If you lack the expertise, contact the experts and professionals in the field instead of wasting your time and multiplying your losses.

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