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A Guide on How On-page SEO Works for a Website [Infographic]

One of the ways to generate more traffic to your website is page optimization, or we can say that optimization results in increased traffic to your website. The optimization of a website includes various processes and methods, and one of the methods is on-page optimization.

On-page SEO is responsible for dealing with the elements that are visible to the user, such as the content, images, and titles on a web page. Search engines will reward you with a better page ranking and higher visibility rates if you have an improved on-page strategy. The on-page strategy must include writing quality content using quality backlinks and internal linking for better user navigation.

Search engines use web crawlers and bots to analyze your website and evaluate your website on what is available for the user on your website. Based on the quality of the factors that are necessary for better on-page optimization, the web crawlers give you the ranking. You must ensure you have better on-page optimization for better web traffic and ranking. You can also consult the SEO services agency in Dubai to make sure the website’s optimization is on the right track, and your chances of ranking higher are always there. Once you are familiar with how on-page SEO works, there is no way you will not get a better rank and traffic on the search results.

How On-page SEO Works
On-page SEO

How is on-page different from off-page SEO?

When it comes to website ranking, two factors play their part in a better page ranking. One is the on-page SEO, and the other is Off-page SEO, and each of them has a significant role in page ranking. As the name suggests, on-page SEO deals with the elements that can be seen on the page, and Off-page SEO deals with the elements that are not visible or hidden to the user. So, you must not mix these two when conducting the optimization.

Top 9 elements included in working of on-page SEO

Below are some factors that are considered and play a key role when it comes to the working of on-page SEO.

  1. Quality content
  2. Title tags
  3. URL structure
  4. Image alt text
  5. Header tags
  6. Image optimization
  7. Keyword density
  8. Keyword placement  
  9. Call to action

Top 8 on-page SEO mistakes to avoid  

If you want your website to have a better ranking, then you need to stop making the most common on-page SEO mistakes.

Top 6 ways to improve website content

Following are some efficient and effective ways to improve your website content for an improved page ranking.

  1. Conduct research
  2. Know user search intent
  3. Improve readability
  4. Review and update
  5. Use content audit tools
  6. Hire an expert writer

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