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All You Need to Know About Shopping Cart Abandonment

Ecommerce has become a more popular mode of shopping as compared to traditional shopping. However, many ecommerce ventures are still facing numerous challenges and issues, and shopping cart abandonment is on top of the list. In the traditional stores, customers hardly abandon their carts, so it is due to the virtual service that they indulge in the act.

Shopping cart abandonment takes place due to many reasons, and most of them are linked with the presentation and details of the website. The customers fail to get what they want, which makes them abandon the cart against their wishes. If you are facing the same issue, it is time to hire ecommerce solutions Dubai based company and invest in improving the functioning and presentation of your website, which will boost your ecommerce sales.

All You Need to Know About Shopping Cart Abandonment
Shopping Cart Abandonmen

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

An online customer adding products into the cart but not reaching or completing the transaction stage is known as shopping cart abandonment.

Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Some of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment include the following:

  1. Confusing checkout process
  2. Increased shipping cost
  3. Demands of account signup
  4. Payment security issues
  5. Product quantity restrictions
  6. Lack of choice in payment options
  7. Unacceptable refund policy
  8. Unexpected delivery times
  9. Poor site speed
  10. Technical site issues
  11. Lack of discount codes
  12. Distracting banners

Top 12 Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

If you are facing the challenge of shopping cart abandonment, here are some tried and tested tips to deal with it.

  1. Share your prices clearly
  2. Include progress indicators
  3. Share product thumbnails during checkout
  4. Improve cart and shopping navigation
  5. Optimize page load speed
  6. Offer guest checkout options
  7. Ensure live chat support
  8. Offer multiple payment options
  9. Improve refund policies
  10. Eliminate uncertainty
  11. Work on UI/UX
  12. Offer free shipping

Take away!

Working on your marketing strategy is essential to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate; however, working on the presentation and technical issues of your ecommerce website is even more important to see good results.


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